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IHCA/INCAL Launches Workforce Partnership

IHCA/INCAL Launches Workforce Partnership with Ivy Tech

We're excited to welcome Ivy Tech Community College as the association’s 2019 Title Workforce Member Partner. As partners, Ivy Tech and IHCA/INCAL will work to:
1. Heighten awareness of long term care career opportunities and pathways
2. Increase enrollment and output of CNAs, QMAs and other entry-level LTC students
3. Increase enrollment and output of LPNs and RNs with an interest in LTC
4. Increase number of nursing faculty with LTC experience and make connections to LTC
facilities through clinical rotations

To help us heighten awareness of long term care career opportunities and pathways, IHCA/INCAL is asking members to identify employees at your facility or company who are attending or have attended Ivy Tech and used that degree in their LTC pathway progression. We are looking for a diverse cross-section of employees from different parts of the state. Case studies could include individuals that are currently enrolled in your company’s tuition assistance or Ivy Tech AYD program in a variety of fields: dietary, business/HR, clinical, etc. or individuals who attended Ivy Tech at some point in their career. These individuals will be featured in video/print collateral that we’ll use in a variety of ways in 2019 to promote long term care career pathways. This is a great opportunity to highlight your company and the  tuition assistance or career pathways support you provide to your employees. Please send any employee names, titles, facility/corporate locations and their Ivy Tech connections to Emily Berger at eberger@ihca.org by Friday, November 9th.