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11/14/2019 CMS Releases Proposed Medicaid Fiscal Accountability Regulation
11/4/2019 Survey Trends with D-Level Abuse Citations
11/4/2019 Cannabis Policy Considerations for Health Facility Regulators
11/1/2019 Find Your Medicare Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Value Based Purchasing (VPB) Multiplier
11/1/2019 Update: Release of July 1, 2019 Indiana Nursing Facility Rates
11/1/2019 Update and Request from AHCA: PDPM Claims Processing
11/1/2019 2020 Legislative Session to Begin!
11/1/2019 Public Health Interim Committee Issues Recommendations
11/1/2019 Congressional Update
10/12/2019 Important Update: CMS Announces Changes to Nursing Home Compare and the Five Star Rating System | Access Member Resources
10/8/2019 Nursing Home Compare Change – Warning Icon for Facilities with Abuse Citations
10/7/2019 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update for Skilled Nursing Facilities – G Level Citation’s are at an All-Time High in August
10/7/2019 Residential Citation Update
10/7/2019 Update: Release of July 1, 2019 Indiana Nursing Facility Rates
10/7/2019 Take Note: Indiana Medicaid Optional State Assessment Guidance
10/4/2019 Now Available: LTC Trend Tracker’s Semi-annual Report
9/9/2019 Are You Ready for the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) Coming October 1?
9/8/2019 Skill up your employees through Graduation Alliance adult diploma program
9/8/2019 CMS Issues Final Rule Easing Restrictions On Arbitration Agreements In Long Term Care Setting
9/8/2019 Residential Citation Update
9/8/2019 G/IJ/SSQC citation Update for Skilled Nursing Facilities
8/6/2019 Three recommendations on PDPM preparation by Reliant Rehabilitation
8/5/2019 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update for Skilled Nursing Facilities
8/5/2019 Residential Citation Update – June 2019
8/5/2019 CMS Proposes Changes to Delay Some Parts of Phase 3 Requirements of Participation, However PDPM is NOT Delayed – Full Implementation October 1, 2019
8/5/2019 Nationwide Shortage of Tuberculin Skin Test Antigens Leads to Published Guidance from ISDH
8/5/2019 Medicaid Non Emergency Medical Transportation Update
8/4/2019 DWD Opens New Cycle of Next Level Jobs Employer Training Grants
7/29/2019 Indiana Certificate of Need Resources
7/11/2019 Indiana Limited Criminal History Checks
7/1/2019 Residential Citation Update – May 2019
7/1/2019 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update for Skilled Nursing Facilities
7/1/2019 Is your organization prepared for PDPM? Check out this readiness checklist!
7/1/2019 Transitioning to Medicare Part A PDPM: Why Software alone is not the answer
6/4/2019 Mealtime’s Flagging Providers on PBJ Audits Could Result in a One-star for the Staffing Domain
6/4/2019 Emergency Preparedness Citation Trends
6/4/2019 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update
6/4/2019 Residential Citation Update
5/16/2019 New Requirement: Online Submission of Housing with Services Establishments and Alzheimer’s and Dementia SCU State Forms
4/30/2019 Residential Citation Update
4/1/2019 Top Residential Tags for February 2019
4/1/2019 Five Star Rating System Changes
4/1/2019 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update
3/20/2019 IHCA/INCAL's Career Pathway Website Expands to 17 States
3/13/2019 CMS is Lifting the Freeze in April 2019 – Five Star Survey Domain
3/3/2019 We invite you to participate in Salary & Benefits Study – Nursing Homes & Behavioral Health
3/3/2019 Top Resident Tags for January 2019 and How to Prevent the Most Frequently Cited Ones
3/3/2019 Transfers Discharges and Required Notification
3/3/2019 Update: Cost Report Schedule X
2/4/2019 CMS Final Rule Adjusting CMPs for Inflation – Annual Inflation Adjustment for 2019
2/4/2019 Using POST the Right Way: Misperceptions Place Facilities at Risk of Misuse
2/4/2019 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Updates
2/4/2019 Residential Citation Update
12/3/2018 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update – October 2018
10/1/2018 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update – August 2018
10/1/2018 Avoid Survey Issues with Involuntary Seclusion
9/5/2018 HCBS Update
9/5/2018 Residential Citation Update – July 2018
9/5/2018 Making it Count!
7/9/2018 Laundry Management: Infection Prevention and Control
6/6/2018 Reminder to Enter End of Therapy Dates
6/6/2018 Advance Care Planning Certificate Training Program available beginning September 1, 2018
6/6/2018 Clarification on Transition/Grace Period for New Fee For Service Transportation
6/4/2018 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update – Failure to ensure the resident environment is free of accidents and hazards
6/4/2018 April Residential Care Citations
6/4/2018 Member Spotlight - Post-acute integration strategies: How strong are your partnerships?
4/30/2018 Guidance for new Indiana Medicaid Cost Reports
4/30/2018 Residential Citation Update for March Surveys
4/30/2018 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update
4/30/2018 MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: The Legality of Surveillance Cameras in Nursing Homes
4/30/2018 Member Spotlight: Taking a Look at the QA of QAPI
4/30/2018 FSSA Resumes Enrollment in Medicaid Waiver for Most ALs
4/30/2018 HCS Nursing Home Salary & Benefits Study
3/29/2018 Residential Citation Update for February 2018
3/29/2018 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update – Will your Skin Management Program Result in a G Level Citation?
3/14/2018 Staffing to Affect Five Star Rating soon – Will Your Score Go Up or Down?
3/6/2018 6 Barriers to Timely Medication Fulfillment
3/5/2018 CMS Makes Changes to the Five-Star Methodology – What you need to know
3/5/2018 Indiana Medicaid Changes Course After IHCA Voices Concerns
2/6/2018 Update to Indiana Medicaid's Proposal to Shorten Medicaid FFS Timely Filing Limit to 90 Days
2/5/2018 IHCA/INCAL education partner CNAonline.com releases CNA course with audiobook capabilities
2/5/2018 Maximize Your Employee Tuition Reimbursement Benefits Through Ivy Tech Achieve Your Degree Program
2/5/2018 IJ/SSQC/G Citations Update – December 2017
2/5/2018 Residential Care Citations – December 2017
2/5/2018 HCBS Update
1/3/2018 Value Based Purchasing Program Update
1/3/2018 CMS Issues Advance Notice for MA CMS-HCC Risk Adjustment Model
1/3/2018 2017 November Residential Care Citations
1/3/2018 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update
1/2/2018 Health Facilities Task Force Update - December 2017
12/21/2017 SNF Resource Series Part 7
12/5/2017 CMS Updates 2018 Medicare Part B Physician Fee Schedule File
12/5/2017 AHCA Building Prevention Into Every Day Practice: Framework for Successful Clinical Outcomes Series – Part 2 of 13
12/5/2017 October 2017 Residential Care Citation
12/5/2017 Nutritional Care Considerations Under CMS ROP Phase 2: What you need to know
12/4/2017 SNF VBP Resource Series - Part 6
11/7/2017 Legislative Interim Studies Update
11/7/2017 LTC Transformation Workgroup – Meeting 2
11/7/2017 AHCA Building Prevention Into Every Day Practice: Framework for Successful Clinical Outcomes Series – Part 1
11/7/2017 Medicaid to Require End of Therapy Days From Patients
11/7/2017 CMS Releases Section 1115 Template for Opioid Abuse and IMD Coverage Model
11/7/2017 New AHCA SNF Margin Study
11/7/2017 SNF VBP Resource Series - Part 5
11/6/2017 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update – September
11/6/2017 Residential Care Citations - September 2017
10/3/2017 Associate Member Council Meeting - September 14, 2017
10/3/2017 Division of Aging Releases 1493 Report on Home and Community Based Services
10/3/2017 LTC Transformation Workgroup – Meeting 1
10/3/2017 SNF VBP Resource Series - Part 4
10/2/2017 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update – August 2017
10/2/2017 Residential Care Citations and Regulatory Update - August 2017
10/2/2017 Legislative Interim Studies
9/7/2017 LTC Transformations Project and the HEA 1493 Report
9/7/2017 Claims Payment and CORE/MMIS Issues
9/7/2017 Five Tips to Keep Emergency Generators Performing in LTC Facilities
9/7/2017 Indiana Health Care Facilties Task Force Meeting
9/7/2017 Supportive Documentation Requirements – RUG-IV MDS Items 48-Grouper
9/7/2017 Final AHCA Comments on CMS Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
9/7/2017 Mandatory Bundling Program
9/7/2017 INCAL Submits Position Paper to Division of Aging
9/7/2017 Learn More About IHCA/INCAL's New Online CNA Program
9/7/2017 Next Level Jobs Indiana
8/30/2017 Attorneys General and OIG Focus on Combating Elder Abuse
8/30/2017 SNF VBP Resource Series - Part 3
8/30/2017 Medicaid Waiver Heightened Scrutiny Process
8/29/2017 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update - July 2017
8/29/2017 July 2017 Residential Care Citations
8/29/2017 CMS Forum on HCBS Setting Rule
8/1/2017 ISDH Issues Policy on Small House Health Facility Exception to the Moratorium
8/1/2017 Emergency Preparedness Important Contact Information and Other Resources
8/1/2017 SNF VBP Resource Series - Part 2
7/31/2017 Impact Analysis for CMS Proposed Revisions to Part A Payments
7/31/2017 Indiana Medicaid Nursing Facility July 1, 2017 Medians Published
7/31/2017 Notice of State Plan Amendment to Extend QAF and Change Nurse Consulting Definition Filed
7/31/2017 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update
7/31/2017 Residential Care Citation Update
7/31/2017 July 1 Census Reports Are Due to ISDH
7/18/2017 Lowdown with Lori: Emergency Preparedness (EP) and the Requirements of Participation – Action Toward Compliance and Next Steps
7/18/2017 Indiana HCBS Update
7/5/2017 May Residential Care Citations
7/5/2017 IHCA Comments on Indiana Medicaid Payment Regulation
7/5/2017 UPDATE: Indiana Medicaid Nursing Facility Value Based Purchasing – Change is Coming!
7/5/2017 Indiana Medicaid Responds to IHCA Letter Concerning CoreMMIS
7/5/2017 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update - May 2017
7/5/2017 NCAL: Tort Bill Clarification for AL Members
7/5/2017 SNF VBP Resource Series - Part 1
7/4/2017 Statewide Transition Plans Update
6/7/2017 ISDH Issues Advisory Letter on Home Health Agency Employee Drug Testing
6/6/2017 Indiana Assisted Living Medicaid Waiver Rates Increase
6/6/2017 HIP 2.0 Amendment Posted for Public Comment
6/6/2017 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update – April 2017
6/6/2017 Residential Care Citations and Regulatory Update - April 2017
6/6/2017 Emergency Preparedness Final Rule Interpretive Guidelines
5/17/2017 IHCA/INCAL Submits Comments Regarding Ongoing Nursing Facility Medicaid Rate Cut
5/17/2017 New MDS Supportive Documentation Guidelines Posted
5/17/2017 CMS Survey & Certification Group Memo
5/2/2017 CMS Issues Proposed Rule for Medicare SNF PPS 2018
5/2/2017 AL Staff Stability Resources
5/1/2017 Indiana Medicaid Nursing Facility Value Based Purchasing – Change is Coming!
5/1/2017 Switching Medicaid Managed Care to Traditional Medicaid and Level of Care Processing
4/28/2017 Electronic Staffing Submission - PBJ Update
4/28/2017 Emergency Preparedness - Implementation by November 15, 2017
4/27/2017 Residential Care Citations and Regulatory Update
4/27/2017 G/IJ/SSQC Citations and Regulatory Update
4/20/2017 HCBS Waiver and Transition Process Update
4/20/2017 CoreMMIS Email Deactivated – Contact your Field Representative with Issues
4/4/2017 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update
4/4/2017 Life Safety Citation Update and Recommendations - Avoid IJ for K353 Sprinkler System - Maintenance & Testing
4/4/2017 CMS Issues Medicare Advantage Final Announcement and Call Letter
4/3/2017 February 2017 Residential Care Citations
4/3/2017 Emergency Preparedness Exercise Requirements and Recommendation
4/3/2017 CMS Corrects Part B Therapy Fee Schedule Pricing Error – Provider Action May Be Needed
3/21/2017 Indiana A&D Waiver Providers Update
3/21/2017 Presumed Institutional Providers Notice of Action
3/21/2017 Maximize Your RN Talent to Reduce Rehospitalizations!
3/20/2017 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update
3/20/2017 January 2017 Residential Care Citations
3/20/2017 HHS Issues Interim Final Rule Delaying New Mandatory Bundles
3/6/2017 CoreMMIS – Be Sure to Include the Attending Physician NPI on Claims
3/6/2017 MedPAC Advances Unified Payment System for Post-Acute Care Implementation Plan
3/6/2017 CMS Update on the 2017 Special Focus Facility Program
3/6/2017 CMS SNF VBP Program Call
3/6/2017 Public Notice Regarding Amendments to the Aged and Disabled Waiver to Increase Assisted Living Rates and Member Slots
2/22/2017 Payroll-Based Journal Changes
2/7/2017 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update
2/7/2017 Residential Care Citations
2/7/2017 HCBS Remediation Letters for A&D Waiver Providers
2/6/2017 CoreMMIS and Provider Healthcare Portal Set to Launch on February 13, 2017
2/6/2017 Indiana Medicaid Requires Third Party Disclosure Authorization Forms
2/6/2017 CMS Releases SNF Utilization and Payment Data for 2014
1/17/2017 MedPAC Finalizes Medicare Payment Reform Recommendation
1/3/2017 Advocacy Website
1/3/2017 Indiana Medicaid Issues Memo on Managed Care Days in UPL Calculation
1/3/2017 Web-Portal for Indiana Medicaid Cost Reports and Communication
1/3/2017 Changes to Resident Assessment Instrument Supportive Documentation
1/3/2017 Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) 2.0 Extension Waiver Posted for Public Comment
1/3/2017 CMS Issues Work-Around - Fixes 2017 PT and OT Outpatient Therapy Codes
1/2/2017 Joe Garrett, Exceptional Living Centers, Appointed as Indiana’s NCAL State Leader
1/2/2017 CMS Issues Guidance on HCBS Settings to Care for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Residents
12/21/2016 New Indiana FSSA Secretary Expected in January 2017
12/7/2016 INCAL Update
12/6/2016 September and October 2016 Residential Tag Summary
12/6/2016 G/SSQC Citation Update - September and October 2016
12/6/2016 Indiana Medicaid Level of Care Delay
11/15/2016 PBJ Data Submission
11/15/2016 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services grants initial approval for Indiana’s Statewide Transition Plan
11/15/2016 Open Letter to Medicaid Providers on CoreMMIS
11/2/2016 Indiana Medicare Advantage Enrollment Data
11/2/2016 Indiana Medicaid Value Based Purchasing
11/1/2016 Update on HCBS Waiver Program & Provider Enrollment
10/31/2016 Interim Study Committees Update
10/31/2016 Save the Date: Training for Phase 1 Implementation of New Nursing Home Regulations
10/31/2016 Patchett v. Lee Decision
10/20/2016 New IHCP Information Management System
10/3/2016 G/IJ/SSQC August Citation Update
10/3/2016 August Residential Care Citations
10/3/2016 Update on HCBS Waiver Transition Plan and Provider Enrollment
10/3/2016 RoP Final Rule Does Not Apply to AL
10/3/2016 Interim Study Committee Update
10/3/2016 Indiana Medicaid Rate Update – 7/1/16 Rate Effective Date
10/3/2016 Indiana Value Based Purchasing Discussions Start Up Again
10/3/2016 Indiana Medicaid Submits State Plan Amendment on RUGs IV and Other Changes
10/3/2016 CoreMMIS Go-Live Date
9/20/2016 Update on AHCA meeting with OIRA on Requirements of Participation
9/20/2016 Infection Prevention Control Officer Training
9/7/2016 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update
9/7/2016 July Residential Care Citations
9/7/2016 Interim Final Rule Announced - Civil Monetary Penalties to Increase
8/16/2016 HCBS Rule & Wandering/Exit-seeking Presentation
8/16/2016 HCBS Transition Plan AL Services Summary
8/16/2016 PAS/PASRR Redesign Updates & Reminders
8/16/2016 AHCA Analysis of New Five-Star Data
8/16/2016 CMS Issues Guidance on Abuse Related to Social Media
8/2/2016 Residential Care Citations and Regulatory Update
8/2/2016 AHCA Building Prevention Into Every Day Practice: Framework for Successful Clinical Outcomes - Part 4
8/1/2016 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update
8/1/2016 Lowdown with Lori: The New Currency - Hospitalization Rates
8/1/2016 CMS Proposes New Mandatory Cardiac Bundle, Expands CJR and BPCI
8/1/2016 CMS Releases FY17 SNF PPS Final Rule
8/1/2016 PAS/PASRR Redesign Update: New Process for Submitting a LOC Screen
8/1/2016 CMS Issues Medicaid Managed Care Pass-Through Payment Guidance
8/1/2016 Public comment period for Indiana’s amended Statewide Transition Plan
7/18/2016 OSHA Update
7/7/2016 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update
7/7/2016 Residential Care Citations and Regulatory Update
7/7/2016 AHCA Building Prevention Into Every Day Practice: Framework for Successful Clinical Outcomes Series – Part 3
7/7/2016 HCBS Waiver Program Provider Meeting
7/7/2016 National Quality Forum Releases Third Interim Report
7/7/2016 Assisted Living/HCBS Waiver Listening Sessions
6/14/2016 Indiana PAS/PASRR Webinar Update
6/10/2016 FSSA announces managed care contractors selected to serve Healthy Indiana Plan and Hoosier Healthwise members
6/9/2016 G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update
6/9/2016 April Residential Care Citation Update
6/9/2016 Read What Other AHCA Members Across the United States are Doing Related to PBJ and Consultant/Contractor Hours
6/9/2016 Residential Care Rule on Room Furnishings
6/9/2016 Congressional Briefing on Assisted Living
6/9/2016 AHCA Building Prevention Into Every Day Practice: Framework for Successful Clinical Outcomes Series – Part 2
5/16/2016 CEAL Memo to CMS Regarding HCBS Final Rule
5/3/2016 IJ/SSQC Citation Update
5/3/2016 March Residential Care Citations
5/3/2016 CMS releases annual evaluation report for Optimistic Phase I outcomes
5/3/2016 New SNF PEPPER Now Available
5/3/2016 HCBS Statewide Transition Plan Update
5/3/2016 Anonymous Survey About Camera Use in Resident Rooms
5/3/2016 PAS/PASRR Redesign Updated FAQs and Past Webinar Recordings and Slides
5/3/2016 AHCA Building Prevention Into Every Day Practice: Framework for Successful Clinical Outcomes Series – Part 1
4/20/2016 Nursing Center Influenza Study Opens Enrollment
4/20/2016 Infection Control Program Assessment Opportunity for Facilities
4/5/2016 IJ/SSQC Citation Update
4/5/2016 PASRR Meeting
4/5/2016 CMS Medicare Advantage Final Announcement and Call Letter
4/4/2016 Lowdown with Lori: Infection Control
4/4/2016 February Residential Care Citations
4/4/2016 Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) Update
3/15/2016 Posting of Modified Statewide Transition Plan for Public Comment
3/14/2016 Why I Became a Social Worker
3/7/2016 Pitfalls in Background Screening
3/2/2016 An Update on Patchett v. Lee
3/2/2016 Extended Downtime for MDS and Other Systems
3/2/2016 MDS 3.0 Trainings
3/2/2016 Core MMIS Update
3/2/2016 Medicare and Medicaid Provider Revalidation Deadlines Quickly Approaching
3/1/2016 Mandatory Electronic Submission of Payroll Data - July 1, 2016
3/1/2016 HCBS Waiver Program Update
2/29/2016 IJ/SSQC Citation Update
2/29/2016 January Residential Care Citations
2/29/2016 Lowdown with Lori: Dialysis
2/29/2016 Lowdown with Lori: The Triple Aim
2/29/2016 CMS Proposed Rule of Participation Changes for Long Term Care
2/16/2016 CMS Posts New Targeted Therapy Manual Medical Review (MMR) Process
2/3/2016 Indiana HFA Board Proposed AIT Rule Change
2/3/2016 30 Day Notice of Transfer or Discharge
2/3/2016 January 2016 ISDH Occupancy Rates
2/3/2016 INCAL Update - February 2016
2/3/2016 The NCAL Quality Initiative for Assisted Living 2015-2018
2/2/2016 New CDC Recommendations for Antibiotic Prescription Practices
2/2/2016 IJ/SSQC Citation Update
2/2/2016 2015 Top 11 Tags Cited in Indiana Assisted Living
1/19/2016 December Residential Care Citations
1/19/2016 PAS/PASRR Redesign Webinars
1/6/2016 November Residential Care Citations
1/5/2016 Focused Dementia Care Survey Tools
1/5/2016 Infection Control Pilot Project
1/5/2016 Payroll-Based Journal
1/5/2016 Bed Census Report
1/4/2016 Press Ganey Data
12/14/2015 My InnerView 2015 AL Survey Results
12/10/2015 Schedule Z Changes
12/3/2015 Nursing Facility/Hospital Collaborative
12/3/2015 Revision of Nurse Aide Training Curriculum
12/3/2015 Indiana 5 to 8 Year Rebalancing Plan Update
12/3/2015 IJ/SSQC Citation Update
12/3/2015 October Residential Tags
11/24/2015 Notice from Indiana Division of Aging Concerning Aged & Disabled Waiver Program
11/24/2015 Money Follows the Person Program Update
11/18/2015 Transition from IndianaAIM to MMIS
11/18/2015 CMS Finalizes Mandatory Hip and Knee Bundling Program
11/13/2015 FSSA Forum on the Future of Long Term Care in Indiana
11/1/2015 CMS Issues Final Rule on Methods for Assuring Access to Covered Medicaid Services
11/1/2015 Assisted Living Workgroup Update
11/1/2015 ISDH Updates
11/1/2015 Reporting of Medicaid Managed Care Days & UPL Calculations
11/1/2015 Influenza Vaccinations and ISDH Webinar
11/1/2015 Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP) Course
11/1/2015 CDC/FDA Notice on Reusable Medical Devices
11/1/2015 INCAL Advisory Council
10/1/2015 MLN Matters Updates
10/1/2015 ASPE Compendium of Residential Care & Assisted Living Regulations and Policy
10/1/2015 HEA 1391 Final Report
10/1/2015 NF Capacity Reduction Update
10/1/2015 IHCA Presents to Indiana House Ways & Means Committee Concerning Nursing Facility Policy
10/1/2015 August Residential Tags
10/1/2015 IJ/SSQC Citation Update
10/1/2015 July 1, 2015 Medicaid Rate Update
10/1/2015 Ombudsman Acting Director
10/1/2015 Meeting with CMS