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5/3/2016 INCAL
HCBS Statewide Transition Plan Update

 The public comment period for the modified Statewide Transition Plan (STP) is currently under way. FSSA is working with its contractor Public Consulting Group (PCG) to gather comments, provide responses and make recommended changes to the STP, as applicable. PCG is tracking and summarizing all comments before sending them to division leadership for review and response. Each comment will be reviewed individually. In cases in which the state's determination of service approach differs from recommendations provided through public comment, the additional evidence and rationale that the state used to confirm the determination will be added to the modified the plan. The summary of comments, in addition to a summary of modifications made in response to the public comments will be added and submitted to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) by April 30, 2016. Following submission, the updated plan will be posted on the FSSA HCBS Final Rule webpage. The final version of the STP will remain posted to the FSSA website for the duration of the transition period, which ends March 17, 2019. The modified Statewide Transition Plan, dated March 2016, can be found here.