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5/3/2016 Regulatory
Anonymous Survey About Camera Use in Resident Rooms

Researchers at Brown University are conducting a short, 8-question, multiple choice national anonymous survey to learn about nursing center and assisted living policies regarding camera use in resident rooms.

As you know, there has been renewed attention in the media on the use of cameras in resident rooms in nursing centers or assisted living facilities. While there is no federal law, some states now have regulations allowing private individuals to install cameras in nursing center resident rooms, and others are considering adopting similar laws. This survey will help estimate how widespread the use of cameras is in resident rooms. It also will help provide information on how requests for cameras are handled by facilities, how staff feel about cameras observing their behavior, and the unintended negative consequences of using cameras in this way.

Please use the attached link to complete this short online survey even if your facility has no policy or doesn't permit cameras in resident rooms. Names and names of facilities will not be collected, and answers will be entirely anonymous.

Please follow this link to complete this 2-minute online survey:

You can read more information about the survey here. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Clara Berridge, PhD, MSW at Brown Unvirsity at clara_berridge@brown.edu.