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6/9/2016 INCAL
Residential Care Rule on Room Furnishings

Residential Care Rule on Room Furnishings (from ISDH):

According to the residential rules at 410 IAC 16.2-5-1.6, it is the responsibility of the residential care facility to furnish a resident's room with the following, if requested by the resident/family:
• Bed
• Bedside cabinet or table
• Cushioned comfortable chair
• Bedside lamp
• Adjustable over-the-bed table, if the resident is bedfast

The ISDH recently heard from some consumers - involving more than one residential care provider - that they are being told that the resident must provide all of their own furniture, including the bed. The ISDH recognizes that for comfort and familiarity most people would prefer to bring their own furniture. Facilities may not however make this a requirement of admission and must be prepared to offer and provide the appropriate furnishings as required by the rules. Likewise, the facility may not require the resident to use the facility's furnishings if the resident prefers to bring their own.