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6/14/2016 Payment/Reimbursement
Indiana PAS/PASRR Webinar Update

IHCA/INCAL is aware that the PAS/PASRR trainings that are being offered by the Indiana Division of Aging, which were announced on June 1, 2016, are filling up to capacity. These trainings are specific to the interRAI-HC tool as the new level of care eligibility tool, that will replace the current eligibility screen as of July 1, 2016. Click here for more information.

The next webinar, scheduled for this Thursday at 10am to noon EST is also expected to be full.  IHCA/INCAL has reached out to the Indiana Division of Aging to request at least two more webinars to be scheduled. The Division is considering the request and hopefully more information will be forthcoming. In the meantime, the Division provided the following feedback and guidance:

• The webinar has been recorded and will be posted as soon as possible.  Originally, the Division was not going to post it until all three sessions were complete.
• Most of the questions on the webinars have actually been about the PASRR Level I process and system registration, all of which have been addressed in past webinars.  Please visit the Ascend website and the Division of Aging website for complete information and past webinars on the Level I process and system registration.
• Additional FAQs will be posted that have and are being developed from questions being posed on the three webinars concerning the interRAI-HC tool.
• A separate webinar is being developed for NFs only that addresses the long form assessment, but a date has not yet been determined.  This long  form is very similar to the MDS process and should be much less of an adjustment for NFs.

Please email Zach Cattell at zcattell@ihca.org if you have questions.