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7/7/2016 Regulatory
Residential Care Citations and Regulatory Update

The ISDH conducted fourteen surveys in the month of May. There were a total of 55 residential tag citations with 9 of the 55 being offense tags.

Five facilities received an offensive tag for tag 0241- Health Services for failure to follow physician orders for administration of insulin, blood sugar monitoring and/or treatments to skin tears or other skin conditions. Two facilities received offensive tags for Resident Rights tag 0052. The facilities failed to ensure residents right to remain free from abuse was maintained. One facility failed to ensure a resident was free from involuntary seclusion when a resident was confined to his room and a smoking area after bed bugs were identified. Two facilities received offensive tag 002, Scope of Residential Care for failure to thoroughly assess a resident prior to admission and for providing full comprehensive nursing care to residents. This deficiency was identified upon review of progress notes located in the resident record.
Residential tag 273, related to food and nutrition was cited 10 times for failure to store and serve food under sanitary conditions regarding dating of food, plate storage, hairnet use and cleanliness of equipment including floors in the kitchen. Residential tag 90, related to administration and management was cited 6 times, and F0144 for failure to maintain a clean, orderly, facility inside and outside was cited 5 times.

Other isolated citations were received for tags 006, 0053, 0055, 0086, 0149, 0153, 0191, 0246 and 0272.

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