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8/1/2016 Payment/Reimbursement
PAS/PASRR Redesign Update: New Process for Submitting a LOC Screen

The process for submitting a Level of Care (LOC) assessment when requested has changed.
If Ascend requests you submit a LOC screen after you have already submitted a Level I, you can now do this through your Drafts tab in AssessmentPro. The LOC will be "pre-started" with the demographics you entered on the Level I. This will save you a little time and ensure information is consistent across the screens.

Training: Click here for a training video explaining this new process. Click here for the PDF User Guide.

Reminder: A current History & Physical (H&P) is required for every screen. Prior to submitting your assessment, upload any other collateral documentation that may be helpful when making a decision. Delays could result if a clinician must request this documentation after submission.

For answers to any questions, review the resources available on the Indiana User Tools site, then contact the Indiana Helpdesk at pasrr@fssa.in.gov.