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10/1/2015 Regulatory
August Residential Tags

In August 2015 the ISDH issued 6 offense tags and 26 deficiency tags totaling 32 citations to Residential Care Facilities. Five citations were issued to tag 0273 concerning maintenance of food preparation and service areas in accordance with state and local sanitation standards. The total for this tag is now 55, making it the highest cited tag in 2015. Tag 0241 (Offense tag) concerning the administration of medications by licensed nurses or QMAs, was also cited five times this month. This tag has been cited every month this year. Tag 0144 concerning proper maintenance of the building and grounds was issued three times. In the past six months this tag has been cited every month.

A few tags have been frequently cited this year. Tag 0154 concerning maintenance of good and clean kitchen and dining areas and equipment and tag 0217 concerning have trained staff complete a resident’s evaluation, have both been cited every month in 2015. Tag 0090 regarding failure to ensure administrator maintained management of the overall facility has been cited seven out of the past eight months as has tag 0117. Tag 0117 is failure to ensure staff is sufficient in numbers, qualifications, and training. Tag 0214 concerning the evaluation prior to admission and upon admission by a license nurse evaluating each resident’s need for nursing care, has been cited six of the last seven months. Five of the last six months tag 0246 regarding proper authorization and documentation when administering PRN medications by a QMA, has been cited. Tag 0414 concerning staff washing hands after contact with each resident has been cited four of the past five months. In the past four months offensive tag 0242 concerning observation of resident for the effect(s) of medications, documentation of effects, notification to physician, and documentation of notifying physician in resident’s clinical record, has been cited. Prior to this current trend this tag had not been cited since October 2014. For the second time this year tag 0191 concerning inadequate kitchen in complying with 410 IAC 7-24 (Sanitary Standards for the Operation of Retail Food Establishments), was cited. This tag popped up for the first time in IHCA history in June.

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