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8/16/2016 Payment/Reimbursement
PAS/PASRR Redesign Updates & Reminders

Individual Outcome Letters

Providers now have the ability to print outcome letters specifically for individuals. Once a screen has been completed for an individual, you must print a letter and give it to the individual so that they have the decision and their appeal rights.

You can access their outcome letter in a few different ways, including through the Recent Outcomes tab and the Search Bar. Review the detailed User Guide or Training Video for more information.

Faster Search
Ascend has also improved search functionality, speeding up the time it takes to search for an individual.

Other Reminders
Level of Care (LOC): LOC screens are required only when Medicaid is the individual's pay source, when the individual is converting to Medicaid from another pay source, and when the individual will receive a Level II evaluation.
Documentation: A current History and Physical (H&P) is required 100% of the time, for all assessments (including individuals being referred for a Level II evaluation). Provider should include any other collateral documentation pertinent to making a good decision.

For answers to any questions, review the resources available on the Indiana User Tools site, then contact the Indiana Helpdesk at pasrr@fssa.in.gov.