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10/1/2015 Payment/Reimbursement
July 1, 2015 Medicaid Rate Update

On October 2, 2015 Myers & Stauffer began to issue the 7/1/2015 Medicaid rates. As of October 8, 2015 there are 187 facilities that have yet to receive their annual Medicaid rate and there are several reasons for the delay. For a majority of these facilities (100+), a request for information was sent and the provider has not yet responded to this request. Once the response is received, the information will be reviewed and the rates will be established. The remainder of the facilities are either on hold due to a pending change of ownership transaction review, the annual rate was delayed due to failure to timely file the cost report, the facility is newly Medicaid certified and still in the initial rate process, or the facility does not have the necessary data to establish an individual facility Total Quality Score (TQS). When a facility does not have the necessary data for an individual facility TQS, a Statewide Average Total Quality Score would be used in the calculation. With over 100 facilities still waiting information, establishing the Statewide Average Total Quality Score is not feasible at this time. Once more of the 7/1/15 rates have been established, the TQS averages can be determined and subsequently the 7/1/15 rates awaiting these averages can be established. To see the current Cumulative Rate Listing, please click here.

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