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10/31/2016 Legislative
Interim Study Committees Update

Administrative law judges received a final recommendation from the Corrections and Criminal Code Interim Committee. The recommendation is for a special committee to focus on this issue and determine which departments should continue this process and which should not. There does seem to be consent about the legitimacy of the current system and needing to change it. To read the full final report, please click here.

Public Health conducted its final interim committee meeting on October 18, 2016. The issue of hospital immunization stems from SB162 regarding employees in hospitals being vaccinated to stop the spread of illnesses to patients. The bill comes from an Indiana mother who lost her child due to a nurse in the hospital spreading whooping cough to the child. There were five individuals who testified on the topic of mandatory immunization of hospital employees. A representative of the Indiana Hospital Association expressed the association's neutral view on the subject. The Indiana State Nurses Association supports the idea but has issues with some of the language presented in the SB162 bill and encourages keeping current regulations in place instead of taking legislative action. The other three individuals who gave testimony expressed personal opinions, urging the committee to not mandate vaccinations. The interim Public Health Committee did not make a recommendation in regards to hospital immunizations but may consider legislation if it is proposed again next session. To read the full final report, please click here.