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3/20/2017 Regulatory
G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update

There was a total of 42 recertification surveys completed by the Indiana State Department of Health in January 2017. The deficiency free data was not available for distribution, however IHCA/INCAL will distribute information upon receipt form the ISDH. Three locations received IJ/SSQC citations. 323 was cited for failure to ensure a resident, who was at risk for elopement, received the supervision to prevent elopement form the facility. This failure resulted in the resident being without supervision, exposed to cold weather and near a railroad track for approximately 6 hours. 223 was cited for failure to prevent the inappropriate behavior by a facility staff member toward a resident. This practice resulted in inappropriate sexual relationship between a facility employee and a resident. 225 was cited for failure of the facility to investigate reported sexual abuse by a facility employee toward a resident and promptly notify the facility administrator of an allegation of sexual abuse. 226 was cited for failure to implement and follow the facility policy regarding abuse, resulting in a delay in investigation of reported sexual abuse. 323 was cited for failure to ensure the safety of a resident who had elopement behaviors. The resident exited the building unattended twice.

There was a total of 11 G level tags cited in eight locations:
F323 was cited for failure of the facility to ensure residents remained free from accidents related to falling. Assistance and assistive devices were not in place and assessments were not completed upon a fall which resulted in a resident receiving a subarachnoid hemorrhage and another resident receiving a fractured hip. F323 was cited in another location for failure to ensure safe transfers by using a gait belt for 2 residents. A resident was transferred without the use of a gait belt and fell. The resident obtained a fractured femur. Another facility failed to ensure proper supervision and assistance while transferring a resident with a mechanical lift. The practice resulted in a fall and hip fracture. The fifth facility received F323 for failure to ensure preventative interventions (foot pedals) were in place to prevent a resident fall. The resident was thrown forward from the moving wheel chair. The resident was hospitalized and diagnosed with facial and head injuries. F314 was cited for failure of a facility to prevent the formation of pressure wounds. One resident formed a stage III pressure ulcer, another resident formed an unstageable wound and a third resident formed a stage II pressure wound. 315 was cited for failure of the facility to provide adequate hydration resulting in a urinary tract infection. F309 was cited in two locations for failure to ensure a resident with a leaking suprapubic catheter did not develop a wound and failure to recognize an admitting diagnosis of acute respiratory failure. The facility failed to implement appropriate treatment/assessments resulting in the need for hospitalization followed by a tracheotomy.

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