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3/21/2017 INCAL
Presumed Institutional Providers Notice of Action

The Division of Aging sent this letter to presumed institutional settings earlier this month. The letter states that these providers have 60 days to submit a remediation plan.

The DA also released a guidance document outlining the heightened scrutiny process. Remediation of deficiencies in HCBS characteristics is the first step. A remediation plan is due by May 8, 2017. The DA would like remediation to be completed and approved by January 2018. Providers are able and encouraged to remediate sooner if possible.

It appears that the heightened scrutiny timeline on the DA’s side is about five months. Once complete, the packet is sent to CMS. There is no timeline for CMS approval. Given this is the first INCAL has seen of this guidance, we will be asking questions to determine if these timelines can be shortened. INCAL has already requested additional guidance about second step of the heightened scrutiny process related to what exactly communities will need to demonstrate for the listed bullet points.

The DA is offering technical assistance in this area, and we would encourage you to reach out to them to schedule your technical assistance call  before you begin your remediation plan drafting. Contact information is in the letter received by the community.

For your ease of reference, below is a link to the Assisted Living Certification Tool reference in the letter and memo. This and other relevant information can be found on the DA’s Medicaid HCBS Waiver Website.