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4/4/2017 Regulatory
G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update

There was a total of 39 recertification surveys conducted by the Indiana State Department of Health in the month of February.  Of those, three (7.69) were found to be deficiency free.  Six providers received seven (7) IJ’s and a total of five (5) SSQCs.  The citation in the area of IJ/SSQC are as follows:

  • F323 (2 times) -- Free of Accident Hazards /Supervision/Devices – Failure to follow facility policy for elopement of a resident who eloped and was outside the facility for greater than 20 minutes with whereabouts unknown. The facility also failed to ensure all door alarms were functional. The second provider received the same tag for failure to ensure a cognitively impaired resident, who was at risk for elopement, received the supervision to prevent elopement from the facility.  
  • F329 (2 times) -- Drug Regimen Is Free from Unnecessary Drugs – Failure of the facility to monitor the side effects and respond to a critical lab value for residents who were receiving anticoagulant drug. 
  • K353 (1 time) – Life Safety Sprinkler System – Maintenance and Testing – Failed to ensure a full hydrostatic flush was performed on automatic sprinkler piping systems that resulted in an IJ to resident who rely on the protection of an automatic sprinkler to receive an unobstructed flow of water for effective control and extinguishment of fire.
  • F155 (1 time) – Right to Refuse, Formulate Advance Directives – Failed to initiate Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation to a resident who requested a full code status and was found unresponsive without reparations or heartbeat. 
  • F223 (1 time) – Free from Abuse/Involuntary Seclusion – Failure to ensure residents were free from verbal abuse and/or psychological harm. 
  • F225 (1 time) – Investigate/Report/Allegations/Individuals – Failure to prevent residents from being abused and ensure all allegations of verbal and psychological harm were thoroughly investigated or reported to the administrator. 
  • F226 (1 time) – Develop/Implement Abuse/Neglect Policies – Failure to ensure the abuse policy was implemented regarding protecting residents from abuse and the investigation of verbal abuse and/or psychological harm.

G Level Tags as follows:

  • F323 (4 times) –  Free of Accident Hazards/Supervision/Devices – Failure to maintain a safe and hazard free environment related to supervision during toileting and assistive devices used during transfers. Failure to maintain a safe environment related to hazardous materials in an open housekeeping supply closet. Failure to ensure assistive devices were provided to prevent accidents. Failed to ensure adequate supervision to prevent fall.
  • F314 (3 times) -- Treatment Services to Prevent Pressure Sores – Failure to identify causative factors in the development of a pressure ulcer and to prevent the development of a subsequent pressure ulcer. Failed to ensure treatment orders were followed. 
  • F309 (2 times) –  Provide Care Services for Highest Well-Being – Failure to ensure a resident’s pain medication was available. Filed to completely assess resident receiving anticoagulant therapy resulting in hospitalization after a fall.  Failed to recognize a foreign body obstruction in a resident noted for placing foreign objects in her mouth in her care plan.
  • F325 (2 times) – Maintain Nutrition Status Unless Avoidable – Failure to assess and monitor appropriate caloric intake via parental nutrition. Failed to implement interventions for known weight loss. 
  • F315 (1 time) -- No Catheter, Prevent UTI, Restore Bladder – Failure to identify a Foley catheter upon admission and implement appropriate orders and or care plan.  
  • F282 (1 time) – Services by A Qualified Person/Per Care Plan – Failure to ensure the written care plan was followed.  Gripper socks were not placed on the resident per the plan of care which resulted in a fall that required sutures. 

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