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4/4/2017 Regulatory
Life Safety Citation Update and Recommendations - Avoid IJ for K353 Sprinkler System - Maintenance & Testing

Two providers in Indiana have been issued IJ level citations in 2017 for failure to ensure a full hydrostatic flush was performed on an automatic sprinkler piping system. A vendor inspection with a written report indicated there was rust and or debris upon inspection of the internal pipe and sprinkler system. The inspection report also indicated a system flush was recommended. An immediate jeopardy was called and was only removed when the facilities implemented a fire watch with 15 minute rounds of the building by a staff member. The fire watch lasted until the sprinkler system was flushed and/or repaired.

Recommend providers consider taking the following actions:
1. Ensure an exist interview is conducted by the vendor and the administrator and plant operations when resident safety concerns are identified and/or action is required to ensure the safety of residents.
2. Ensure the above expectation of an exist interview is included in the contractual agreement with the vendor and/or vendors preforming safety inspections. If it does not exist, add a addendum to the current agreement.
3. Review Safety Inspection reports for the past 4-5 years to ensure the sprinkler system recommendations have been addressed with appropriate action.
4. Schedule ongoing sprinkler inspections outside of the winter months when possible. Flushing of the Sprinkler Systems are not always possible in the winter months. Using the internal preventative maintenance scheduling system is recommended.
5. Request your safety inspection vendor to provide recommended time frame for actions/repairs, to be discussed during the exit interview of each inspection.

If you have any questions, please email Lori Davenport at ldavenport@ihca.org.