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4/20/2017 INCAL
HCBS Waiver and Transition Process Update

On April 20, we received the following updates specific to the Indiana Medicaid/Division of Aging Home and Community Based Services waiver and transition process. 

1. IHCA/INCAL has learned that the Indiana Division of Aging has contracted with Indiana Disability Rights (IDR), a quasi-governmental agency, to perform resident interviews of all current HCBS settings to collect data on resident experience. The data is to be used as one element to examine any differences between AL settings that have been presumed non-institutional with those that have been presumed institutional. Letters to providers are to be sent this week. The IDR will interview at least 5 or 10 percent, depending on number of waiver recipients, in each AL. The IDR will use AL certification tool as the basis for the interviews with residents.

As a reminder, the IDR has federal investigatory and monitoring authority over any setting that serves people with disabilities. When IHCA learned of the agreement for IDR to conduct these interviews, we asked who exactly would be conducting them and if it would be the same staff that would conduct an investigation. The DA was unsure of this information. While abuse or neglect of any disabled individual is improper and wrong, please be aware that when IDR comes your AL of what their other authority is. See http://www.in.gov/idr/2517.htm and http://www.in.gov/idr/2515.htm.

2. Indiana Medicaid and the DA are submitting the waiver request to CMS that would increase the number of waiver slots for the current A&D waiver and increase AL rates by 5 percent. The waiver was presented to the State Budget Committee last week, which is the last step before submission to CMS.

3. If you have not already done so, please reach out to the DA to schedule your remediation technical assistance meeting for purposes of complying with the HCBS setting rule. These meetings are invaluable to the provider and DA. The surveys that are the basis for the remediation plan are not perfect, and the DA knows this. During these meetings, providers get a much clearer sense of what the DA is wanting to see in the remediation plans.

If you have questions, please contact Zach Cattell or Katie Niehoff.