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6/6/2017 Regulatory
G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update – April 2017

There was a total of 44 recertification surveys conducted by the Indiana State Department of Health in the month of April. Of those, four (9.9%) were found to be deficiency free. Six providers received IJs and there were 3 SSQCs.
Two providers received tag K0353 for failure to ensure a full hydrostatic flush was preformed resulting in an IJ.

F224 – Prohibit mistreatment/neglect for failure to ensure location of a resident when the resident did not return from outside dialysis appointment resulting in the resident being outside his home on the ground for approximately 40 hours.
F223 – Abuse prohibition – failure to ensure residents were free of verbal abuse.
F225 – Investigate/report/allegations – The facility failed to report allegations of abuse and failed to screen employees for history of abuse prior to employment.
F226 – Develop and implement abuse policy and procedures – The facility failed to follow their policy and procedures for abuse.

There was a total of 10 G level tags cited in 9 facilities. The most frequently cited tag was F323 – Free of accident hazard/supervision/devices. The facilities failed to do the following:

1. To ensure a resident was not hit by a food cart which resulted in a fall with head injury and death.
2. To transfer a resident in the recommended and ordered mode of transfer which resulted in a right ankle fracture. The fracture was undiagnosed for 2 days.
3. To complete a fall risk assessment and implement fall interventions resulting in a fall requiring 6 staples.
4. To utilize two staff for bed mobility for a resident assessed as requiring two people for assistance resulting in the resident falling out of bed and requiring sutures.
5. To thoroughly investigate the root cause of falls, implement fall interventions and transfer a resident in a safe manner resulting in a resident acquiring a hematoma and facial fracture.

Two providers received F314 – Treatments and services to prevent and/or heal pressure sores for failure to ensure a resident admitted without pressure injury did not develop pressure sores and failure to assess and provide interventions to prevent pressure sores.

Other G level tags:
F309 – Provide care and/or services at the highest well-being. The facility failed to ensure the resident was properly transported for evaluation and treatment following a fall. The resident injury was significant.
F333 – Free of significant medication errors. The facility failed to prevent the administration of no-prescribed medications to a resident which resulted in the resident becoming unresponsive and required hospitalization.
F223 – Free from abuse/involuntary seclusion. The facility failed to ensure a resident was protected from verbal abuse, when a staff member cursed at and threatened the resident.
F224 – Prohibit mistreatment, neglect and misappropriation. The facility failed to ensure the resident was protected from neglect, when staff did not ensure resident had access to a call light and telephone.

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