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7/5/2017 Regulatory
G/IJ/SSQC Citation Update - May 2017

The Indiana State Department of Health completed a total of 59 recertification surveys in the month of May. Of those, four (7.69) were found to be deficiency free. There were 17 providers that received G level Tags and four providers that received SSQC or IJs.
SSQC/IJ Tags for May are as follows:

Tag F225 – Investigate/Report/ Allegations/Individuals – Failure to report and investigate allegations of physical abuse.
Tag F226 – Develop/Implement Abuse/Neglect Policies – Failure to ensure the facility policy was implemented related to reporting and investigating allegations of abuse.
Tag K353 – Sprinkler System – Maintenance and Testing – Failure to ensure a full hydrostatic flush was performed on automatic sprinkler piping systems.
Tag F323 – Free of Accident Hazards/Supervision/Devices – Failure to prevent a resident from elopement from the facility and failure to follow facility policy for elopement.
Tag F323 – Free of Accident Hazards/Supervision/Devices – Failure to ensure residents were safe and free from accidents and hazards related to the use of oxygen in the beauty salon.

A total of sixteen providers received G level tags in May and are listed as follows:

F323 (7 times) – Free of Accidents Hazards/Supervision/Devices
F309 (4 times) – Provide Care/Services for Highest Well Being
F314 (3 times) – Treatment/Services to Prevent Pressure Sores
F157 (2 times) – Notify of Changes (Injury/Decline/Room
F318 (1 time) – Increase/Prevent Decrease in Range of Motion
F325 (1 time) – Maintain Nutrition Status Unless Unavoidable
F333 (1 time) – Residents Free of Significant Medication Errors
F329 (1 time) – Drug Regimen is Free From Unnecessary Drugs

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