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7/31/2017 Regulatory
July 1 Census Reports Are Due to ISDH

The Indiana State Department of Health informed the IHCA that more than 100 facilities have not reported their July 1 census through the bed portal. Reporting of this information is essential in order that the ISDH calculate an accurate statewide average each January 1 and July 1. This is due to an exemption from the moratorium on nursing facilities where additional beds are permitted if a county reaches 90% occupancy. The statewide average occupancy is needed in order to determine how many beds are available in a county that reaches that 90% threshold.

The ISDH has sent 7 notices to these facilities. The next step for the ISDH will be to individually contact facilities for the data, then if no data is received send surveyors to the facilities to collect the data. See this chart for a list of facilities that have not yet reported as of July 25, 2017.