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8/1/2017 Regulatory
ISDH Issues Policy on Small House Health Facility Exception to the Moratorium

The Indiana State Department of Health issued a guidance policy that is effective June 30th for entities that are interested in building a small house health facility under an exemption from the moratorium on comprehensive care facilities.  In addition, the state issued a specific application form for small house health facility approval.  The policy specifies what the law permits in terms of small house health facility beds that may be approved, the order in which applications will be processed, what is required to have a “completed application”, the overall procedure for submitting the application and building plans, and the duration of approval.  At the time of this writing, the IHCA understands that the allotment of 100 small house health facility beds per year is unspoken for.  The ISDH resets the 100 bed allotment on each July 1. Click here for the policy guidance, and click here for the application form.