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8/1/2017 Regulatory
Emergency Preparedness Important Contact Information and Other Resources

Many of you attended the Emergency Preparedness Workshop on July 13, 2017 and as a reminder, that same training will be offered again on September 14 in Indianapolis. IHCA/INCAL has teamed up with LeadingAge and Hope in order to help our members prepare and meet the requirements statewide. 

IHCA/INCAL has been able to obtain some resources that will also assist your facility with implementation of the next steps mentioned in the July Roundup. These resources are available in the Regulatory Toolkit in the Members Only section of the IHCA/INCAL website. (You will need your member login to access them. If you have forgotten your member password, click here to have it emailed to you.) 

The resources include updated and accurate contact information lists, one for the District Coalition representatives and one for the District Public Health Emergency Preparedness Cooperative Agreement (PHEPCA) representatives. The PHEPCA representatives are on the public health side of the house, and assist in coordination and information sharing on behalf of local health departments in their District.

We have also been to obtain a template for a table top exercise that may be used by an individual facility or with other facilities and partners. There are three files associated with the table top exercise:
1. Exercise Presentation – Assists the facilitator describe the exercise process to participants.
2. Exercise Situation Manual – Used to conduct exercise. Typically, a facilitator will read the description of each question, after which you would discuss as a group after each module.
3. Participant Feedback Form – Used to obtain feedback on the exercise, to share lessons learned, and identify areas for improvement and action items.

Please feel free to modify to better meet your needs. Keep in mind that participants may not have all the answers to the questions in the table top exercise and not all questions may be relevant and this is where you would modify the exercise for your group. The exercise is intended to identify what questions you may need to answer and areas for improvement and then lead to a relevant action plan.

If you have questions, please email Lori Davenport at ldavenport@ihca.org.