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8/30/2017 Regulatory
Attorneys General and OIG Focus on Combating Elder Abuse

The National Association of Attorneys General and the HHC Office of Inspector General (OIG) released information in last August about combating elder abuse.  Though the efforts are not connected, they are aimed at the same issue – ensuring the safety of our most vulnerable.  The Attorneys General have formed a working group to help other states’ attorneys general with best practices in the area.  The OIG report is an “early alert” of a comping study of CMS resources and procedures to identify case and ensure reporting of elder abuse is occurring within nursing facilities as is required by law.

The OIG’s report indicates that they believe CMS does not have adequate procedures to ensure incidents of potential abuse or neglect in nursing facilities are identified and reported.  The report focuses, in part, on authority from the Elder Justice Act and new enforcement penalties.  The OIG report examines emergency room records for Medicare beneficiaries with any of the 12 diagnosis codes that specifically indicated potential abuse or neglect, then cross referenced those records with publicly available reports to applicable State Survey Agencies.  Indiana had 4 of the 132 cases examined by the OIG.  Final OIG report is to be issued this year.

IHCA/INCAL staff have reached out to the Indiana Attorney General to assist their office’s review of the OIG report and the National Association of Attorneys General recommendations.  It is of the utmost importance that all residents are safe and secure in communities across the state.  To read the National Association of Attorneys General press release, click here, and for the OIG memo, click here.