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9/7/2017 Payment/Reimbursement
Supportive Documentation Requirements – RUG-IV MDS Items 48-Grouper

Right Coding Pays Off
There can never be enough emphasis on accuracy of documentation in a legal clinical record, especially when it directs the plan of care for each resident and how it reflects directly with how a facility will be paid for the services rendered. Accurate assessment and coding will result in quality resident outcomes and correct reimbursement.

The Supportive Documentation Requirements User Guide related to RUG-IV items 48-Frouper was revised on August 15, 2017 by Myers and Stauffer. The revisions are easily identified in blue. Here are a few of the revised highlights:

• When electronic signatures are used, there must be a written policy in place to ensure proper security measures to protect the use of an electronic signature by anyone other than the person to whom the electronic signature belongs.

• Section D: Mood (14 day look back) – The focus of the person-centered care plan should be to identify the underlying cause or causes and contributing factors and include interventions to address symptoms.

• Section E: Behavior (7 day look back) The focus to the person-centered care plan should identify the residents’ s [references and goals including approaches to achieve those goals and incorporate alternative interventions to reduce the frequency of truly problematic behaviors and minimize any resultant harm.

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