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11/1/2015 INCAL
INCAL Advisory Council

IHCA has formed an INCAL Advisory Council for assisted living members.  The mission of the Council is to advance the quality, value and professionalism of assisted living in Indiana for the benefit of their residents and communities.  The INCAL Advisory Council plans on meeting quarterly to discuss assisted living issues and to hear strategic speakers relevant to the AL industry.  Proposed priorities of the Council include to provide thought leadership on assisted living issues and struggles in light of trends in the long term care industry; to provide ongoing services and education on assisted living and independent living matters that affects members; and to monitor and influence legislation and rulemaking associated with assisted living.  Katie Niehoff is the Executive Director for INCAL and can be reached at (317) 616-9028 or kniehoff@ihca.org.  For more information about INCAL, click here.