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IHCA/INCAL education partner CNAonline.com releases CNA course with audiobook capabilities

Taking the course to become a licensed CNA just got easier. IHCA/INCAL’s education partner, CNAonline.com, powered by Academic Platforms, has developed a hybrid CNA course to help our member facilities address the clinical workforce shortage in the aging care space. The blended online CNA course uses the nationally-acclaimed book, How to be a Nurse Assistant, along with in-person clinical skills training at participating facilities.

Version 7 of How to be a Nurse Assistant now includes a word-for-word audio version of the book. The course is entirely accessible to listen to from a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone, and students can opt to listen to the book while they are on the go. The audio version provides easy-to-use “pause” and “rewind” features allowing students to listen to sections over again. A sidebar lists topics, making it easy to select a previous topic to hear again.

Program instructors will benefit from a dynamic student analytics section which shows instructors in real time where students spend time in the course, and how much time they spend with each section or assignment. This allows instructors to identify at-risk students and to understand the areas that need to be emphasized.

CNAonline.com’s course is flexible for facilities and can be taught as a two-week course up to a six-week course that pairs with the facility’s existing clinical training program.

CNA Online Course Tuition Rates:
IHCA/INCAL Members: $700 per student
Non-Members: $875 per student

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Emily Berger, IHCA/INCAL Director of Workforce Development and Member Services at eberger@ihca.org, or view the CNA Online informational webinar, here.