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HCBS Update

IHCA/INCAL has been in contact with FSSA leadership and Sen. Becker on how to proceed with SB 421.  FSSA expressed a desire to restart the dialogue and more forward administratively.  The pause issued on 1/19/18 has had a significant impact on providers that are in the middle or near the end of development of new AL properties.  Providers desiring to enter the waiver program and existing AL providers also need clear next steps on compliance.  Sen. Becker understands the dynamic and has been in contact with Secretary Walthall.  SB 421 has likely helped speed up FSSA’s attention to concerns IHCA/INCAL has raised.

UPDATE:  With respect to facilities that were under development and known to FSSA prior to the 1/19/18 pause in implementation and provider enrollment, those facilities will be permitted to enroll under existing processes.  This will prevent families from having to find other locations to place their loved ones and loss of economic opportunity.

Going forward, IHCA/INCAL continues to have positive communication with Secretary Walthall and Deputy Secretary Gargano.  They appreciate the concerns we have brought to them on prior interpretations by the Division.  Though the pause on the program will take 90 days, Zach Cattell, IHCA/INCAL President, feels pretty confident they will meet that 90 day period.  Zach has also discussed with them the need to address the memory care issue, and we have again offered a pathway on how to approach that issue.  Also discussed was the importance of addressing the other issues in the September memo and in SB 421.  Our next steps will be to get a commitment from them in writing on those issues and how to resolve them.  As that process develops, we will continue to support passage of SB 421.  To view the most recent version of that bill, click here: