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Update to Indiana Medicaid's Proposal to Shorten Medicaid FFS Timely Filing Limit to 90 Days

As we reported last month, Indiana Medicaid plans to propose a rule change to move the claims timely filing limit for FFS Medicaid from the current 365 days to 90 days. At the December 11, 2017 IHCA Payor Workgroup meeting, our members shared concerns and gave several examples/scenarios where filing within 90 days would not be possible. A proposed rule draft has not yet been published, but Indiana Medicaid recently confirmed that they are firm on proposing 90 days as the filing limit. 

IHCA continues to express strong concern to Indiana Medicaid about this proposal.  Per IHCA’s request, the office recently provided LTC claims detail broken down by facility and filing timeframes at intervals of 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 and 365 days for 2016 claims.  You can access this detail in the Members Only section of our website to see how your facility would be affected by a 90-day filing limit. 

Click here to view summary by number of claims and here for view summary by percentages.

Because of Indiana Medicaid’s plan to proceed with the rulemaking process, IHCA has been sharing concerns with legislators as well as meeting with other provider associations on strategy and next steps.