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7/11/2019 Workforce
Indiana Limited Criminal History Checks

On May 31, 2019 the Indiana State Police (ISP) enhanced their name-based Indiana Limited Criminal History system to better identify criminal backgrounds. The new system has more robust technology to include not only the name provided, but names that sound alike or have multiple spellings, i.e. John or Jon.  It also allowed for an option that the ISP would manually review the request and by statute they had 15 days to do so.  This manual review process slowed some responses and it is now being removed as a response to a request for a limited criminal history.


Going forward, effective July 12th, 2019, there will be three responses when submitting a request for a limited criminal history: 1) Indiana Criminal history Transcript (a criminal history record is available based upon the information provided; 2) No Record (this indicates that based on the data provided there is no criminal history present in Indiana); or 3) Inconclusive (with suggestion to obtain a Fingerprinted National Background check).


The inconclusive result with suggestion of a fingerprint-based check should be a relatively small amount of individuals, though ISP acknowledges that entities such as LTC and AL will see these results more because they are accessing the system more often.  ISP indicates that fingerprint checks should take 1 to 2 weeks, but there are some cases that take longer due to verification of information obtained from other states.  If you are seeing a large amount of Inconclusive results, please contact Savannah Neary at sneary@ihca.org.   IHCA may be able to obtain help from ISP for you in these situations


In addition, the initial request for a limited criminal history will require additional fields than were required before so to avoid a 2-step process that had been recently experienced.


If you have any questions or additional comments, please contact Lori Davenport at ldavenport@ihca.org  or Zach Cattell at zcattell@ihca.org.