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11/13/2015 Payment/Reimbursement
FSSA Forum on the Future of Long Term Care in Indiana

On November 13, the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) formally announced a forum that will take place next month titled "Rebalancing for the Future: A Forum on Long Term Care in Indiana." The forum will take place on December 16 at the University of Indianapolis and is open to the public. The full day event is the next step in FSSA's efforts to rebalance the state's spend on Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) by directing more funding toward home and community based services (HCBS). The effort to rebalance is driven by future budgetary concern of the current Indiana ratio of spending is 67% on institutional and 33% on HCBS, whereas nationally spending is 51% institutional and 49% HCBS (according to data from CMS.)

Late last year, FSSA engaged IHCA and the other associations in the process of developing a 5 to 8 year plan for reforming nursing facility Medicaid reimbursement and policy. IHCA embraced the challenge and the opportunity to provide proactive solutions with the best interests of residents and IHCA members in mind.

In October, the State released a draft document that primarily focused on an idea to withhold supplemental payments as a method to entice closure of nursing facilities with low capacity. Both IHCA and LeadingAge Indiana explained that our organizations are not in support of using Supplemental Payments for closure incentives as it is our belief that using funds in this manner could jeopardize the program. The association's response to this document included suggestions on stabilizing nursing facility reimbursement, offering appropriate incentives for reducing nursing capacity and providing suggestions for offering more home and community based services. Click here to read the response.

The State has invited speakers from other states and national associations to speak at the forum. Click here to see the full agenda. Several of the speakers invited to come are from states that operate through managed care systems, which we have expressed concern and are opposed to for Indiana. One topic of discussion will be the AARP report that ranked Indiana very low (47th) in LTSS balanced spending. It is our concern that this forum includes only policy and national association representatives and does not include any providers of care.

We would highly encourage members to participate in this event and to register soon as space is likely to be limited. It is essential that our voices continue to be heard in this process that will play a significant part in the future of our industry. 

IHCA has created a dedicated page in the Member’s Only section of the website that houses all information related to the Indiana Medicaid LTC planning process.