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11/1/2019 Payment/Reimbursement
Find Your Medicare Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Value Based Purchasing (VPB) Multiplier

The SNF VBP Program rewards SNFs with incentive payments based on the quality of care they provide to Medicare beneficiaries, as measured by a hospital readmissions. CMS withholds 2% of SNFs’ fee-for-service (FFS) Part A Medicare payments to fund the program. This 2% is referred to as the “withhold.”  CMS redistributes 60% of the withhold to SNFs as incentive payments. This year, the VBP program measured all-cause hospital readmissions, and SNFs were rated on how their readmission rate compares to all other facilities in the US as well as their percentage of improvement or decline when comparing their own readmissions rates for 2017 and 2015. 

You can view the multiplier for all facilities by clicking here. Please contact Elizabeth Eichhorn at eeichhorn@ihca.org with any questions.