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11/1/2019 Payment/Reimbursement
Update: Release of July 1, 2019 Indiana Nursing Facility Rates

As reported in last month’s newsletter, Myers and Stauffer posted the announcement below several weeks ago about the release of July 1, 2019 rates on its website.  IHCA communicated our members’ concerns about the delayed rate release to the Indiana Medicaid Agency (OMPP). OMPP responded that the SPA was filed on September 16 and that CMS has approved SPAs for Indiana within 35 days on average.  As of the writing of this article, the SPA has not yet been approved.  We are monitoring closely and will communicate updates to our members when we receive them. Please contact Elizabeth Eichhorn at eeichhorn@ihca.org with any questions.

OMPP is holding the release of the July 1, 2019 annual nursing facility rates until the State Plan Amendment (SPA) related to the new reimbursement methodology for the changes to value based purchasing is approved by CMS. Shortly after the SPA is approved by CMS, the July 1, 2019 rates which are available and not awaiting additional information will be released. Any quarterly updates may also be impacted by this delay and will be released as available after the July 1, 2019 rate.