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11/1/2019 Legislative
Public Health Interim Committee Issues Recommendations

The Interim Study Committee on Public Health, Behavioral Health, and Human Services issues a final report in October forwarding five preliminary bill drafts and several other recommendations that were not drafted into preliminary draft bills yet.  The five preliminary drafts are:

PD 3324 - Health care plan drug coverage.  Prohibits modification of drug covered during plan year.

PD 3342 - Pharmacy benefit managers.  Requires licensure, new requirements, and addresses maximum allowable costs.

PD 3324 - Balance billing and arbitration. Prohibits balance billing by certain providers and established an independent review process for payment disputes between insurers and out of network providers.

PD 3324 - Age to purchase tobacco products.  Raises age from 18 to 21 to buy tobacco products.

PD 3324 - Reporting by pharmacy benefit managers.  Requires certain annual reporting.

A large item that did not come along with a preliminary bill draft is the establishment of an All Payer Claims Database (APCD).  In response to the evaluation of increasing health care costs the committee is looking toward greater transparency of healthcare utilization, quality and price that could be aided by an APCD.  Another item of note in the recommendation is consideration to performing an audit of Medicaid managed care programs.

To read the interim committee’s recommendations, please click here.