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11/1/2019 Legislative
Congressional Update

The following federal legislation are of importance to the sector and are active in DC.  IHCA/INCAL and AHCA/NCAL teams are actively lobbying these issues.

  • HR 4468 has been introduced and would change the duration of prohibition of CNA training programs. The bill would require reinstatement of a CNA training program once the facility comes back into compliance from the citations that led to the CMP above $10,697.  CMS could require additional oversight for up to two years but could not prohibit CNA training.  AHCA is supporting this legislation and IHCA is actively working with the Indiana delegation to obtain cosponsors.
  • HR 3417 was introduced earlier this year and would change Medicare VBP by permitting, not requiring, CMS to expand Medicare VBP from one measure to up to 10 measures. The bill does not impact the 2% withhold that funds the current Medicare VBP program.  AHCA is actively monitoring and engaging in the bill to slow it down, but it may start moving this year due to amendment of other Medicare beneficiary improvements.  Language has not been released yet.  The bill will cost $3.6B, so that in and of itself should slow it down.”’?
  • S 2574 was introduced recently and would permit access to the National Practitioner Data Bank in order for SNFs to add this resource to the background check process.