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12/1/2019 Regulatory
Residential Citation Update October 2019

The Indiana State Department of Health conducted a total of 15 recertification surveys in October and of those, two (13.33%) were found to be deficiency free. There were a total of 15 Offense tags cited; 45 Deficiency tags for a total of 60 Residential tags cited for the month of October. 

The Offense tags are as follows: 

Tag 241 (7 times) – Health Services Offense for failure to ensure the administration of medications and provision of residential nursing care is delivered as ordered by the physician and supervised by a licensed nurse on the premises or on call. 

Tag 052 (5 times) – Resident’s Rights Offense for failure to ensure that residents right to be free from any abuse was upheld. 

Tag 406 (3 times) – Infection Control Offense for failure to establish and maintain an infection control practice designed to provide a safe, sanitary, and comfortable environment and to help prevent the development and transmission of diseases and infection.

The Top Residential Tags are as follows:

Tag 273 (9 times) – Food and Nutritional Services Deficiency for failure to all food preparation and serving areas are maintained in accordance with state and local sanitation and safe food handling standards.  Listed in 410 IAC 7-24.

Tag 117 (4 times) – Personnel Deficiency for failure to ensure staff are enough in number, qualification and training in accordance with applicable state laws and rules to meet the needs of the twenty-four (24) hour scheduled and unscheduled needs of the residents and services provided.  CPR and First aid certificates need to be current on at least one individual every shift. 

Tag 029 (3 times) – Residents’ Rights Deficiency for failure to ensure residents are treated with consideration, respect, and recognition of their dignity and individuality. 

Tag 154 (3 times) – Sanitation and Safety Standards Deficiency for failure to ensure all kitchens, kitchen areas, common dining areas, equipment and utensils are clean, free from litter and rubbish, and maintained in good repair in accordance with 410 IAC 7-24.

Tag 272 (3 times) – Food and Nutritional Services for failure to food is served at a safe and appropriate temperature. 

Tag 298 (3 times) – Pharmaceutical Services Deficiency for failure to ensure a consultant pharmacist is employed or under contract and will be responsible for the duties as specified in 856 IAC 1-7. Responsibilities are as follows:  Review the drug handling and practices of the facility; provide consultation on methods and procedures of ordering, storing, administering, and disposal of drugs as well as medication record keeping; report in writing, to the administrator or his or her designee any irregularities in dispensing or administration of drugs; and review the drug regimen of each resident receiving these services at least once every sixty (60) days. 

Tag 036 (2 times) – Residents’ Rights Deficiency for failure of the facility to immediately consult the resident’s physician and the resident’s legal representative when the facility has noticed:  (1) a significant decline in the resident’s physical, mental or psychosocial status; or (2) a need to alter treatment significantly, that is, a need to stop or change or add treatment.

Tag 214 (2 times) – Evaluation Deficiency for failure to ensure an evaluation of a resident’s individual needs is initiated prior to admission and updated at least semiannually and upon with changes to those needs by a licensed nurse.

Tag 217 (2 times) -- Evaluation Deficiency for failure to complete an evaluation using appropriately trained staff members to identify and document the service be provided by the facility. 

Tag 240 (2 times) – Health Services Deficiency for failure to ensure personal care and assistance with activities of daily living are provided based on individual needs and preferences. 

Please forward questions or requests for assistance with survey compliance to ldavenport@ihca.org.