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11/24/2015 Payment/Reimbursement
Money Follows the Person Program Update

FSSA reports the transition benchmarks for the Money Follows the Person program have been met and exceeded for 2015. The Divison has not yet received approval from CMS for the 2016 MFP budget but anticipates it will be approved in January. In the meantime, the Division has directed CareStar to not target any new individuals for transition through MFP. Any individuals targeted for transition and enrolled in MFP prior to November 23 will be allowed to complete the process, but no new enrollees will be allowed into MFP until the Division has more information about the program's 2016 budget. 
This does not mean that transitions will not be allowed during this time. Candidates for transition may still be referred to the Area Agencies on Aging for transition directly to the A&D waiver. FSSA has requested that CareStar make these referrals to the AAAs, but the Division will not have the MFP enhanced match for these transitions.