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12/3/2015 Regulatory
Nursing Facility/Hospital Collaborative

The Nursing Facility/Hospital Collaborative met for the first time on November 19, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. The group consists of the Indiana Hospital Association (IHA), Indiana Health Care Association (IHCA), LeadingAge, HOPE, and members from each of the trade associations. The group was formed in response to a proposal from the Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning concerning use of supplemental payments generated by Non-State Governmental Owned (NSGO) nursing facilities in order to encourage the closure of a target number of facilities.

The goals and objectives of the group which are:

(1) To better coordinate communications and dialogue between the NSGO hospitals and nursing facility managers/operators;
(2) To maintain the supplemental payment program which brings much needed resources to Indiana county hospitals and nursing facilities in order to serve Medicaid residents;
(3) To evaluate and develop positions on any proposed changes in the distribution and use of supplemental payments; and
(4) To develop consistent messaging regarding the benefits of long term care and hospital partnerships, including supplemental payments, for improving patient care and quality of life in Indiana.

The group also discussed the creation and development of sub-committees focused on specific issues. The topics for the sub-committees will likely focus on finance, quality and best practices, and communication. The sub-committees will be comprised of interested members of the Collaborative, and will likely meet in person on a regular basis.

The group also spoke about the necessity of developing a common and unified message from the industry in response to the Family and Social Services Administration’s proposal. The Collaborative will seek to develop a plan of action, and points of negotiation to present to the agency. The next meeting of the Collaborative, or its subcommittees, have not yet been set.  Many members of the IHCA are actively participating in the Collaborative.  For questions or more information, please contact Grant  Krevda at gkrevda@ihca.org.