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12/10/2015 Payment/Reimbursement
Schedule Z Changes

Myers and Stauffer recently announced a revision to the Schedule Z instructions. The Room Numbers section has been modified to include a grid with 10 columns, including fields to enter valid begin and end dates for each room number. The grid replicates the MDS 3.0 data field A1300B. A single digit should be reported in each field. The room numbers submitted on the Schedule Z should correspond exactly to the room numbers transmitted on the MDS, including all spaces, dashes, and so on. To access the revised form, click here.

To ensure that the SCU add-on calculation includes all applicable days, facilities are encouraged to review the Schedule Z and transmitted MDS information carefully. To aid in this review, a new SCU report is available. This report is posted to the facility’s directory on the Myers and Stauffer LC web portal.

Click here to read a bulletin providing further clarification on the revision. For more information or any questions, please contact Grant Krevda at gkrevda@ihca.org or (317) 616-9030.