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2/3/2016 Regulatory
Indiana HFA Board Proposed AIT Rule Change

The Indiana State Board of Health Facility Administrators has proposed a new rule that would open up two more avenues for HFAs to be trained and to obtain their AIT hours. The first way involves the creation of a new baccalaureate track through the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) that would couple accredited university programs with a student internship to satisfy all of the AIT requirements. The second way would be through Training Centers created to serve as a coordinator of multiple preceptors.  This would allow the AIT to obtain their hours in multiple locations, thus helping to spread the responsibility and time commitment of  training an individual AIT among several preceptors.

IHCA/INCAL supports this proposed rule change by the HFA Board. By making the AIT process more workable through the concept of the Training Center, we hope it will help to improve the quality and quantity of available HFA candidates in the future.

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