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2/29/2016 Regulatory
January Residential Care Citations

The ISDH issued a total of 27 residential tag citations for the month of January. Of the 27 citations, 2 were offense tags. The 2015 data story holds true for January, as Food and Nutritional Services deficiency tag 273 was cited 11 times for failure to ensure all food preparation and serving areas (excluding areas in resident’s units) are maintained in accordance with the state and local sanitation and safe food handling standards. Click here to read what is expected. Develop and train your food and beverage staff in understanding the expectations with preparing and serving safe food, a preventive approach to survey compliance with F273.

Evaluation Tag 0271 was cited 3 times for failure to identify and document the services to be provided by the facility. The services offered to the individual resident shall be appropriate to the scope, frequency, need and preference of the resident. The services offered shall be reviewed and revised as needed and discussed with the resident or interested party. Either the facility or the resident may request a service plan review and the agreed upon service plan must be signed and dated by the resident and a copy of the plan given to the resident upon request. When medication administration and/or nursing services are needed, a licensed nurse shall be involved in identification and documentation of services to be provided. Tag 0271 was in the top 3 tags cited in 2015.