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3/2/2016 Payment/Reimbursement
Core MMIS Update

Indiana Medicaid provided an update to the Indiana Medicaid Advisory Committee, on which IHCA sits, about the progress in changing the claims payment system from the current system to “Core MMIS”.  The agency had published a bulletin on November 24, 2015 announcing a go live date in early 2016, but that has been postponed after many complaints and concerns with the claims processing black-out dates listed in that bulletin.  Indiana Medicaid has looked into those concerns and also found issues of its own in terms of the readiness of the new system.  As of this month, the agency is testing batches of high volume claims to ensure the system is processing things correctly, and so far the processing is going smoothly. 

Please review the agency’s bulletin from November 2015 as it includes a number of on-demand training tools.  IHCA encourages you and your team to use these tools well in advance of the go live date, which is set for the 4th Quarter of 2016.  No specific date has been determined.  In addition, Indiana Medicaid is available to provide provider specific training.  If you are interested in this training, contact your provider relations field representative.