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3/2/2016 Payment/Reimbursement
Medicare and Medicaid Provider Revalidation Deadlines Quickly Approaching

Please be advised that Medicare provider revalidations, as required by federal regulation, are occurring and must be completed. Please click here to search the Medicare revalidation status of your facility. Further information can be found here. It is imperative that Medicare providers complete the revalidation process to remain enrolled in the program. Please note, the Medicare revalidation process is separate from the Medicaid revalidation process.
Pursuant to federal law, Medicaid provider revalidations are due by March 26, 2016 for all providers enrolled with the IHCP before January 1, 2012. Any provider whose enrollment is not revalidated by this deadline will be disenrolled. Click here for more information. To successfully complete a revalidation, providers must fill out the same information required at initial enrollment. There is not a separate revalidation packet. To find the appropriate IHCP Provider Packet, click here.