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4/4/2016 Regulatory
February Residential Care Citations

The ISDH conducted seven surveys in the month of February.

A total of 44 residential tag citations with 9 of the 44 being offense tags. Residential tag 273 related to food nutritional services continues to be the most frequently cited residential tag. Residential tag 273 was cited 11 times for failure to ensure all food preparation and serving areas were maintained in accordance with the state and local sanitation and safe food handling standards. One facility failed to ensure thermometer probes were sanitized prior to the temperature-taking procedure being completed and food was severed following the temperature taking procedure. Another facility failed to ensure staff disposed of expired foods, utilized expired chemical testing strips, cover facial hair and store clean equipment in a sanitary manor. Failure to ensure glove usage during meal preparation, and failure to maintain sanitary temperature per manufactures instructions on a dishwasher were other reasons for this citation.

Residential tag 241, a health services offence was cited 4 times. The administration of medications and the provision of resident nursing care shall be as ordered by the resident physician and supervised by licensed nurse on the premises or on call. Medications shall be administered by a licensed nurse or a qualified medication aide.

Other isolated citations were received for tags 0035,0036,0052,0080,017,0241,0406.