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5/3/2016 Regulatory
March Residential Care Citations

There were a total of nine residential care surveys completed during the month of March. The ISDH issued a total of 28 residential tags and of those, five were offense tags.

March Offensive Tags:

• 0052 – Resident Rights
Residents have the right to be free from abuse, neglect and involuntary seclusion.

• 0241 – Health Services
The administration of medications and the provision of residential nursing care shall be as ordered by the resident ' s physician and shall be supervised by a licensed nurse on the premises or on call as follows: (1) Medication shall be administered by licensed nursing personnel or qualified medication aides.

• 0242 – Health Services
The resident shall be observed for effects of medications. Documentation of any undesirable effects shall be contained in the clinical record. The physician shall be notified immediately if undesirable effects occur, and such notification shall be documented in the clinical record

• 0381 – Mental Health Screening
The residential care facility shall not admit residents with a major mental illness if: (1) the mental health service provider determines that the resident ' s needs cannot be met; and (2) the residential care facility does not have a means to access needed services to carry out the comprehensive care plan

There were 6 citations for 0273 for the following:

• Food not discarded 3 days after it was dated
• Food was open and not dated
• Equipment used for food preparation was soiled
• Chipped and/or missing tiles
• Rust on shelves or storage cabinets
• Utensils were not covered
• Carts used to distribute food were soiled

Miscellaneous citations:

• 0408 – X-ray upon admission was not obtained
• 0410 – TB tests were not read prior to admission
• 0116 – The facility failed to ensure the policy regarding criminal history inquiries was followed
• 0121 – Pre-employment physical forms were not signed by a physician timely
• 0216 – Admission weight for residents were not documented and/or obtained
• 0270 – The facility failed to address reasonable resident request for a hot breakfast