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1/3/2018 Regulatory
2017 November Residential Care Citations

The ISDH conducted twenty-nine surveys in the month of November and of those, eleven (37.93%) were deficiency-free.   There was a total of sixty-eight residential tags cited with seven of them Offense tags. 
Offense Tags were cited as follows:
Tag 0241 (4 times) – Health Service Offense for failure to ensure medication administration and provision of nursing services was as ordered by physician and supervised by a licensed nurse on call or on premises. 
Tag 051 (1 time) – Residents’ Rights Offense for failure to ensure residents right of being free from physical and chemical restraints imposed for discipline or convenience.
Tag 052 (1 time) – Residents’ Rights Offense for failure to ensure residents were free from abuse of any kind.  (Sexual, physical, mental, corporal punishment, neglect, and involuntary seclusion)
Tag 0406 (1 time) – Infection Control Offense for failure to establish and maintain an infection control practices designed to [provide a safe, sanitary, comfortable environment to help prevent the spread of disease and infections. 

Residential tags were cited as follows:

Tag 0273 (12 times)- Food and Nutritional Services for failure to ensure food preparation and servicing areas maintained in accordance with state and local sanitation and safe food handling standards. 
Tag 0117 (5 times) – Personnel for failure to ensure staff to be sufficient in number, qualifications, and training – to meet the twenty-four (24) hour scheduled and unscheduled needs of the resident. 

Tag 0217 (5 times) – Evaluation Deficiency for failure to ensure the facility evaluation identified and documented services to be provided by the facility. 
Tag 0148 (3 times)- Sanitation and Safety Standards for facility of the facility to maintain building, grounds, and equipment in a clean condition, in good repair and free of hazards that may adversely affect the health and welfare of the resident or the public.  
Tag 0187 (3 times)- Physical Plant Standards for failure to ensure hot water temperature for all bathing and hand washing facilities shall be controlled by an automatic control valve.  Water temperature at the point of use must be maintained between one hundred (100) degrees Fahrenheit and one hundred and ten (110) degrees Fahrenheit. 
Tag 0414 (3 times) – Infection Control for failure to ensure staff washed their hands after each direct resident contact for which handwashing is indicated by acceptable professional standards. 
For failure to ensure personal care, and assistance with activities of daily living, shall be provided based on individual needs and preferences. 
Tag 0298 (2 times) – Pharmaceutical Services Deficiency for failure to ensure a consultant pharmacist was employed, or under contract and responsible for duties as specified in 856 IAC 1-7.   
Tag 0304 (2 times) – Pharmaceutical Services Deficiency for failure to ensure medication and or treatment cabinets are appropriately locked always.  All Scheduled II drugs administered by the facility shall be kept in individual containers under double lock and stored appropriately. 
Tag 0383 (2 times) –Mental Health Screening Deficiency -  The residential care facility, in cooperation with mental health services providers shall develop the comprehensive care plan for the resident that includes the following: 1.  Psychosocial rehabilitation services that are to be provided within the community. 2. A comprehensive range of activities to meet multiple levels of need, including the following: A.  Recreational and socialization activities.  B.  Social Skills. C.  Training and occupational and work programs.  D.  Opportunities for progression into less restrictive and more independent living arrangements. 

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